Autism Teaching Tools Because Progress is Possible

MooBoo Resources creates digital educational autism resources for parents and other caring adults to help build communication, social, and coping abilities in kids.

Specially designed for children with autism, our products are visual, fun, and easy to use and provide a meaningful way for adults to connect with kids.

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We strive to help kids learn tricky abstract concepts not always taught in school through products that capture and hold their attention. We aim to give them an opportunity to build communication, social, and coping skills. Parents and other caring adults can rely on our digital autism products to be affordable, user-friendly tools that foster progress and social connection.

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We believe in the power of parents. Parents really can make a difference with their kids. It’s possible to turn daily happenings into opportunities for learning and practicing skills. Brief and frequent in-the-moment teaching can add up to a lot of progress. We offer free autism resources and worksheets to parents and other adults who are interested in learning how to foster daily teaching moments.

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Jenny Burke, Founder of MooBoo Resources, is an autism mom. She believes strongly that we need to recognize, celebrate, and cultivate all the incredible strengths of individuals with autism, while simultaneously providing them with the support needed to address challenges. Read autism advice, find support, and get inspiration from MooBoo’s autism blog.

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MooBoo products are built on the power of visual teaching and the incredible impact parents and other adults can make using everyday experiences and interactions as learning opportunities.

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