For a limited time: $19.99

For a limited time: $19.99

For a limited time: $19.99

Included in your MooBoo Sheet purchase:


mooboo sheet affordable autism teaching resource

MooBoo Sheet products come as a digital PDF containing 100+ pages of comprehensive learning—no special planning, materials, or large time commitment required! Products can be used during any free moment for positive interaction, learning, and skills practice. Each MooBoo sheet has a fun photo lesson, discussion questions, and two fun activities. Open MooBoo Sheets with your device’s reader to enjoy functions such as page swiping, a linked table of contents, and hyperlinks.


In addition to your PDF purchase, every MooBoo Sheet comes with 100+ pages of additional activities, printable worksheets, visuals, and more. These Extras & Printables provide even more practice opportunities for active thinking, social skills, and expressive communication. You can use them with the lessons, or save them for practice later. A special section just for parents contains helpful information for using MooBoo products, with tips, further examples, and advice for in-the-moment teaching.

The MooBoo Method:

mooboo sheet affordable autism resources

Every MooBoo Sheet follows the MooBoo Method, a step-by-step learning process. LEARN kicks things off with a direct, visual lesson. THINK comes next, with questions to test comprehension and spark discussion. TRY has fun activities that allow kids to demonstrate learning and practice social skills. To reinforce the lessons, we encourage parents to use in-the-moment teaching during daily life to help kids continue to connect to the content.

Going through a MooBoo sheet is an excellent opportunity for adults to encourage and build children’s expressive communication and receptive language skills. It’s also an opportunity to practice positive behaviors, such as sitting quietly, taking turns, and following directions. 

MooBoo Sheets are designed for children with autism who are approximately 6 to 12 years old.