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Guessing About Thinking

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We passionately believe that active thinking, expressive communication, navigating social situations, and coping and problem-solving are interrelated, and our products are a tool to work on ALL these at the same time! Guessing about Thinking, the third in our Thinking Series, provides clear, specific guidance on how to think about and guess what others are thinking. IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD OUR SPECIAL PRICE, CLICK TO CONTACT US.

Some kids have a really hard time guessing what others are thinking and feeling and we are here to help! Guessing about Thinking’s 200+ pages of visual content teaches why it’s important to think about what others are thinking and how to do a good job looking and listening to make a guess. Our fun questions and activities are for kids to practice: guessing what others are thinking; expressive communication; and skills like paying attention, following directions, and turn-taking. Guessing about Thinking is also an excellent opportunity to help kids build receptive language! Note: Designed for an adult to read and enjoy with a child or small group. 

Age range: 6 – 12 years

Ability level: This is the most challenging of the Thinking Series. Check out the preview pages when they are available on our website to help you decide if it’s right for your child or student(s). Here are additional product sample pages. See our FAQ page for more about age range, ability level, format, and more! We are happy to send you additional sample pages to help you decide.

Your purchase download includes:

1. Guessing about ThinkingLEARN (visual lesson),  THINK (discussion questions), and TRY (activities) for use with your child or group. Loaded with fun, appealing graphics, photographs, and humor designed to engage a child or small group. (105 pgs)

2. Extras – Additional, optional, fun activities including a mini lesson on the pronouns SHE and HE, more guessing practice, “flashcards” for expressive communication practice, Learn photos minus text (great for working on receptive and expressive language), and more. (95 pgs)

3. PrintablesPrintable worksheets, activities, and visuals to pick and choose from for your child or group. (32 pgs.)

4. For Parents – Info for parents on our MooBoo Method and all activities. (32 pgs.)

Format:  A digital PDF eBook formatted for use on the reader of your portable device such as an iPad.  Can also be used on a laptop or home computer. This is not an interactive app. This will not work on a Kindle device or reader. Your cell phone screen might be too small. Open the product sample pages on your device to ensure adequate view of content.

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