Frequently Asked Questions

Do MooBoo products work like an app?

MooBoo Resources’ content is digital, but it’s not interactive the way apps are. However, our products are formatted to be “tablet-friendly.” When opened using a reader app, you can finger-swipe pages and use page links and other features. We’ve made sure our colorful, fun content is designed to engage kids who have focus issues or get bored easily.

Our products require no special planning or materials. They are interactive in the good old-fashioned way. Time with a MooBoo product is an opportunity to have a positive, social interaction with a child. It’s also nice for parents to have a chance to connect meaningfully with or even laugh with a child may not be social!

What format do MooBoo products come in?

Each product is a digital PDF you download to your tablet, laptop, or computer, then open in a reader, like Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free). Once you open them in a reader, you can click or finger-swipe on a touchscreen to turn pages. There’s also a bookmarked table of contents with page links. You cannot open MooBoo products on a Kindle or other e-reader.

We recommend you download a product’s sample pages (found on each product page) and open in a reader before making a purchase.

Can I use MooBoo products on my smartphone?

Though it is possible to use MooBoo Resources’ products on a smartphone, we don’t recommend this. The viewing format may not be adequate for properly engaging with the content. First try downloading sample product pages onto your smartphone to see if the view is adequate. Note that you will need a reader app on your phone to be able to swipe pages. (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for iPhone here, and Android here.)

You get up to five downloads per purchase, so you can download it on multiple devices. As a result you have easy access when you and your child are seated somewhere with downtime, like at a doctor’s office or on a bus.

Why do you say your age range is 6 – 12 for Thinking about Thinking, Talking about Thinking, and Guessing about Thinking?

No two kids with autism are exactly alike. At any given age, children can vary widely in their communication, social, and coping abilities. Six to twelve years is an approximation. Certain kids younger than 6 and older than 12 may benefit from these lessons and activities, as well. Check out each product’s preview and sample pages to see if MooBoo content is right for your child. Additionally, show them to the professionals who work with your child for their opinion.

The children featured in the photos in our products are of varying ages to enable as many kids as possible can connect with our content.

Can MooBoo products be used with “high-functioning,”  “low-functioning,” and “non-verbal” kids?

First, we dislike the labels “non-verbal,” “high functioning,” and “low functioning,” because they can be stigmatizing and do not capture the variations of abilities within individual children. The content might be too complex for kids with significant cognitive delay or because they’re not developmentally ready. MooBoo’s content can be used as a tool for building receptive and expressive communication capabilities. Show our product descriptions and sample pages to your child’s professionals — including Speech-Language Pathologist — for an opinion.

Feel free to contact us at for additional preview pages.

Are MooBoo products based on ABA or any other evidence-based methodology?

MooBoo products are not a therapy or a curriculum, nor do they adhere to any single autism protocol or methodology. You should consider MooBoo products as just one of the many tools in your toolbox to help a child with autism build communication, social, and coping skills. They are a great opportunity for practicing and reinforcing expressive communication and skills such as turn-taking, answering questions, paying attention, following directions, and active thinking. (We love active thinking!) Additionally, in MooBoo products the combination of descriptive narrative and visual content helps kids build language and communication skills.

The author of our products currently available, Jenny Burke (also the founder of MooBoo Resources), has received a great deal of excellent advice over the years from exceptional autism professionals. This advice forms the foundation of her products.

Are MooBoo products right for kids who do not have autism?

Kids who are not on the autism spectrum might also benefit from the visual, direct teaching of ideas that are important for developing communication, social, and coping skills. For example, the Thinking product series helps gives kids the tools to talk about their worries, fears, anger, and sadness, which is so important during Covid-19. Take a look at the product preview pages to see if our content and approach might be good for your child. Or, show them to your child’s helping professional for their opinion. Feel free to contact us at for additional preview pages.

How will I receive my purchase?

After you make your purchase, you’ll receive an email that includes a download link that you click to receive your product. If you purchase more than one product, you’ll get a link for each product. If you have any trouble with your digital download(s), consult other FAQs to see if that may help. You can also contact us at and we’ll help you. Don’t forget to open it using a reader!

Will I be able to use my purchase on more than one device?

You may download your purchase up to five times, to allow for different family members’ devices and kinds of devices. We want you to be able to access and enjoy MooBoo Resources content easily, no matter where you are.

Note that our products are copyright-protected and may not be passed by the purchaser to third parties. Unauthorized sharing of MooBoo products is strictly prohibited.

What if I have trouble accessing/opening my purchase(s)?

Make sure you have a PDF reader on your computer, laptop, or handheld device (most newer ones come with one installed). If not, you can download Adobe Acrobat reader for free. Your purchase is not designed to be read on a Kindle or other e-reader. If you’re trying to open your purchase on Kindle, it will not work.

Troubleshooting for opening on a tablet’s reader:

iPads: read here, or here

Android Tablets: read here, or here

Still having trouble? Contact us at so we can help you.

Can I get a refund or exchange on my purchase if I am not satisfied?

MooBoo Resources cares deeply about customer satisfaction! Therefore, we’ll consider refund requests on a case-by-case, good faith basis. See our refund policy here.

We encourage you to carefully read product descriptions and look at sample pages. Use a reader app to get a good idea of what the product looks like on your device and whether it is right for your child. You’re also welcome to email us at to learn more about our products before you buy them.

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